Best Instructor Practices

Best Liability Practices:

As an instructor on FitNFlow, you are going to be teaching in many fun and exciting places! While FitNFlow is much different from a traditional yoga studio, there are still some standard practices you should consider implementing in your practice. We give our instructors freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility. Always remember to protect yourself and put safety first. This means either to purchase instructor insurance or have each client you teach sign a liability waiver before a class (click on the liability waiver link on a desktop to open up a word document you can customize and edit to make your own!). For even more information on how to protect yourself and your teaching business, click here for yoga alliance's guidelines. 

Best Class Practices

FitNFlow offers a more personalized experience than a traditional yoga studio, and we encourage our instructors to do the same. Get to know your client before the class, and find out what style they're interested in. Then, create a class perfect for them! Your students will continue coming back to you if they feel you are paying attention to their needs, and creating the perfect class for them. Smile and always offer positive encouragement, to ensure that your students feel supported during their practice. Ask a student before a class whether they would prefer physical adjustments or not, and always ask how they are feeling on that day. That way, during the class you know exactly how to guide them. Creating the perfect class isn't just about making sure your students are comfortable, but making sure you are comfortable as well. Ask your student questions about the location to make sure it's a location you are comfortable with as well as prepared for. You can even look up the location if you are concerned about safety. Bring your favorite or essential tools to the practice (if any) as well as water for hydration. Look up the whether for that day- if you're teaching a class in a park on a day it might rain possibly suggest another location for the student, or come prepared for the whether. FitNFlow is a fun and amazing experience, but we know you can make it even better! Follow these guidelines and your practice will reach it's greatest potential- and your students will continue coming back to you for more!

For more information: click here to read an article by yoga alliance on tips to teach a body positive yoga class!