A New Orange County Yoga Opportunity... Just in Time for the New Year.

Updated: May 17, 2019

The FitNFlow app is a newly launched app designed to bring customized yoga to you... as a yoga student you can sign up on the app and view the profiles of yoga instructors in your area. You can even be matched with the yoga instructor that fits you and your needs!

Then, book your yoga instructor for the time and place that works for you. Yes, that's right... you can actually schedule a yoga instructor when and where you want. The booking process is done seamlessly through the app, and you can invite your friends to enjoy yoga with your own yoga community!

No More Crowded Yoga Classes

If you've never done a yoga class before, you're probably not familiar with the current state of yoga classes. But, if you have been doing yoga classes then you've probably noticed the growing crowds in the yoga classroom. For those uncomfortable with overcrowded classes, FitNFlow may be the solution for you. With the FitNFlow app you can take a yoga class in your own home, favorite park or community center. You can literally choose your favorite place and book a yoga class in that space. No more stress in an uncomfortable space- you can experience true calmness with the FitNFlow experience.

No More Missing Out

Most people who want to practice yoga will traditionally go to a studio or gym, try out a class, and get pushed into signing up for a monthly membership. Memberships can be great if you go to a class every single day, but for most people with busy lifestyles that is an unrealistic goal. Reality is, memberships are a great way for gyms and studios to obtain money from you for classes you don't even end up taking while still paying their instructors a low amount for their hard work. Most people don't get the most out of their membership, because it's hard to find the right class to fit into a busy schedule.

With the FitNFlow app you choose the time that works for you, and the place most convenient for you, so that you can fit your class into your lifestyle easily. Our classes come to you, so there's no more hassle. You can choose the instructor you want to guide you, so you can find the instructor that works best for you. Instructors on the FitNFlow app are flexible, and can offer you exactly the class you are looking for.

Deeper In-Person Connections

Even if you like being in groups for practicing yoga, sometimes you can find yourself in the wrong group for a yoga class. Just one negative person, or disrespectful person in your yoga class can completely disrupt the entire experience. Plus, it can be hard to connect with a great yoga instructor when there are 15 other people in the room.

With the FitNFlow app you can book a private class, or create a group yoga class and invite your friends. It's yoga in a group, but with the people you want to practice with. Taking yoga with the right people can transform your experience and create a close community of support. Plus, you can connect more with your yoga instructor when they are creating a customized class just for you. Develop a deeper relationship with your instructor so they can continue creating the perfect classes for you, while also eliminating the back and forth with a seamless booking process on the FitNFlow app.

How to Find Us

The FitNFlow app can be downloaded on any iOS device, and is currently only operating in Orange County, California. All of our instructors are located in Orange County, and we have instructors in the locations of: Ladera Ranch, Placentia, Tustin, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Long Beach, Yorba Linda, Irvine, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, Huntington Beach, San Clemente, Chino, and Newport Beach. In other words, our instructors are all over Orange County! Download the FitNFlow app to find the ones near you!