Connecting with a Yoga Instructor

Updated: May 17, 2019

Why is it important to establish a connection with your yoga instructor? We often don't think about what instructor we should take a yoga class with- we usually look up a yoga class time that fits with our schedule and go to that one. But if you take a class with an instructor you don't like nor connect with it can feel like a waste of time. It's important to find an instructor you connect to and relate to- and in this blog post we will talk about why.

Your Instructor Must Teach the Style you are Looking for

Yoga instructors teach various styles, each in their own way, so it is essential to find a yoga instructor that teaches the style you want/need. Try a few different yoga styles, or do your research, to find the style that fits you the best. Then, look for yoga instructors who teach the styles you're looking for.

Find an Instructor who Cares for you

Find a yoga instructor who shows an interest in you, and cares for your health. You need an instructor who will guide you and care for you in the way that matters most to you. This isn't to say some instructors aren't caring- most instructors are very caring. Even so, you want to be sure that the instructor who is guiding you cares about your progress

Find an Instructor who Listens to you

An instructor should listen to you and shape the class around your needs. It's important to find an instructor who listens to you in this way so you can continue to grow in your practice and reap the greatest benefits from your practice. They should ask questions like "any injuries or pain?" and take your answers into account when creating and teaching the class.

Build a Friendship

Spend time with an instructor you like! Your yoga instructor is guiding you along your health journey, so you should at least enjoy their company.

How to Find your Instructor

We created the FitNFlow app so you can connect more with your yoga instructor. Log on to the FitNFlow app and find expert instructors near you who specialize in the style you're looking for. You can read their bio, and learn more about them, and schedule a class with them for the time and place you want.

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