Why You're Probably Feeling Uncomfortable in a Yoga Class

Updated: May 17, 2019

Overcrowded classes. People bumping into you. Classes that aren't at your level or pace you need. These are just a few of the many ways yoga classes can feel uncomfortable, or less than ideal. Yoga is a time for stress relief and a rejuvenating practice. But what if your class has these problems? Sometimes feeling uncomfortable or intimidated in a yoga class can lead to enough stress on its own. This stress can completely disrupt the yoga experience, and lead to a less effecting class.

Do you leave a half an hour early before your yoga class starts, just so you can find the right spot? Do you notice that sometimes one person's energy in a yoga class can disrupt the whole experience? Don't you wish there was a better way to get great quality yoga instruction? You're not alone.

Because of these reasons many have turned to watching yoga videos online at home, but let's be honest- these videos are difficult to watch and understand, still don't go at your pace, and can even lead to injuries when you don't have the proper guidance. Not to mention, it's hard to motivate yourself to continue a yoga practice when you're simply just watching a video on your phone. There has to be a better way...

In-home yoga eliminates these problems. You can take a class with friends, or go solo, and be able to practice yoga in your comfort zone. Take a class where you feel comfortable, and you don't have to worry about the crowds, strangers, or social anxiety you may feel when practicing at a yoga studio. Fill the space with things you like and elevate the experience further.

We have a whole blog post on in-home yoga here,

and we suggest it for those who dislike the uncomfortable experience of yoga studios.

But, we highly suggest practicing in-home yoga with a professional instructor. We suggest this because professional instructors will help you:

  • Figure out what yoga style is best for your needs.

  • Guide you to the correct position to eliminate the risk of injury during your practice.

  • Offer suggestions and modifications for each pose to customize for your body.

  • Listen to your needs and create sequences that are fully centered on your ideal yoga class.

  • Move the class at your pace.

  • Create an even more effective yoga class so you can get the most from your practice.

  • Motivate and support you so you can continue moving forward on your health journey.

  • Eliminate feelings of uncertainty or confusion you would have when practicing alone.

In comes the FitNFlow experience. The FitNFlow app is revolutionizing the way yoga is experienced. We feel in-person guidance is so important in a yoga class. If you're not getting in-person instruction for your yoga class, how can you be sure your positioning is correct, that you're not injuring yourself, and that you're getting the best class for your needs?

Yoga instructors are trained to protect their students and to deliver what their students need. When you're given customized yoga instruction it can transform the way you experience yoga, and the benefits you experience after the class.

Imagine a world where you could get exactly the yoga class you're looking for, at the time and place you want.

That is the vision for the FitNFlow app. No longer will you have to worry about the conditions of your yoga classroom, because you are now the designer of your very own yoga class. Now, you can create the yoga class you're looking for. The purpose of yoga- self care, empowerment, and connection with your surroundings takes on an even deeper meaning when you become the designer of your own yoga experience. Invite your friends, or people in your community, to deepen and share your experience. Work with yoga professionals to customize the classes to you. This is the setting the FitNFlow app can provide.