3 Things you MUST KNOW Before Choosing a Yoga Instructor

Updated: May 16, 2019

Choosing the right yoga instructor to guide you through your practice can feel intimidating- especially if you're taking private lessons! Here are our tips on how to find your perfect instructor!

How to Choose an Instructor

There are many options for private lessons with instructors- so many, in fact, that it may feel overwhelming at times to find the perfect instructor and program for you. Meeting with a yoga instructor is not like getting a ride from an Uber driver- yoga classes are a very personal journey, and it's important to get to know an instructor before taking a class with them. Before booking a class with an instructor ask them about their teaching philosophy, what style they teach and who they have taught in the past.

1. Their Students

When going into a yoga lesson you may think every teacher has a similar way of teaching, but this is not the case. An instructor's teaching method is very dependent upon the type of yoga they prefer as well as the people they teach. A teacher who is used to teaching students from the age of 20-30 may not teach an ideal class for someone in their 70s, and vice versa. This does not mean any yoga teacher is a bad teacher- it only means it is very important to find the right teacher for you!

2. Their Style

The style and type of yoga that a yoga teacher prefers is very important as well. We are living in a time where the types of yoga offered are immense and endless. This means it is essential to find a yoga instructor who's preferred method of yoga is in-line with the type of class you are looking for. If you are looking for a laid-back, relaxing and rejuvenating class we recommend choosing an instructor who specializes in restorative yoga, yin yoga and/or meditation. If you are looking for an invigorating and physical yoga class we recommend choosing an instructor who specializes in vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga and/or sculpt yoga. There are also many styles of spiritual yoga, which is extensive and deserves its own blog post!

3. Their Philosophy

Lastly, the philosophy of the teacher is very important when choosing the perfect yoga teacher for you. Instructor philosophies are as extensive as yoga styles, and can range from very spiritual to very fitness-based. Ask an instructor what their teaching philosophy is, and see if their philosophy is something that aligns with your goals and values. Yoga is more than just fitness- for many it is a very personal practice. This means it's imperative to find your ideal instructor who can guide you through your journey in yoga and allow you to feel comfortable in your practice!

Evaluate Your Options

We know it can be overwhelming to find a great instructor, which is why we created FitNFlow. At FitNFlow you can input what you're looking for in a yoga teacher and we will match you with instructors in your area that best fit your needs. You can browse an instructor's schedule, reviews and teaching philosophy to find a connection. You can even message a yoga teacher before setting up a class with them to find out if they're the right fit with you. No more awkward interviews or strange instructors. We set up a secure session booking system for you so there are no hassles. Download the app or read more info on our website:

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