FitNFlow Sound Bath at the WeWork Wellness Event

This past Thursday FitNFlow led a sound bath and restorative yoga class at the WeWork on Millenium Dr. for a wellness event! Here's how the event went:

yoga, restorative yoga, sound bath
The lovely Flora and Brian leading the class!

The class started with Flora, a teacher on the FitNFlow app, guiding a gentle flow and some restorative poses. This was to relax everyone, and prepare the class for the sound bath led by Brian. Then, Brian Shaheen, another instructor on the FitNFlow app, played the Harmonium and Hang Drum for a sound bath meditation. It was incredible to see all these hardworking employees fully relax in this practice, even in their work clothes. They were able to forget about their job for a moment and altogether enjoy this relaxing and rejuvenating practice. We feel so happy that we were able to be a part of this wellness event, and can't wait for more to come!

FitNFlow, Sunyata, essential oils, yoga
FitNFlow stand alongside Sunyata Essential Oils!

Ana discussing the Wellness Activation led by Sunyata and the FitNFlow app!

What a beautiful class!

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