Five Reasons Why Yoga is for Everyone

Updated: May 16, 2019

The founders of FitNFlow have encountered many people over the years who claim "yoga isn't for them". We have always found this strange, because we truly believe that yoga is for everyone! Here are five reasons why we believe yoga is for everyone...

1. Yoga Relieves Stress

Yoga has a core purpose of connecting breath to movement, and slowing down the breathing. When this is done, is relaxes our parasympathetic nervous system which is highly effective in alleviating chronic stress, anxiety and general tension. By simply breathing slow, turning your focus inward and feeling your body move in it's present state a new sense of clarity can be felt after a yoga class. In this way, yoga can transform your perspective.

While this is very true, sometimes driving to a yoga studio or fitting into a crowded class can be stressful. This is why we created the FitNFlow app. Our yoga instructors come to you for the time and place you want! No longer do you need to stress about your schedule, driving time and fitting into your yoga class. Our instructors come to you so your yoga class can fit seamlessly into your life. No longer will you have to worry about the logistics of your yoga class, with FitNFlow you can truly focus on the stress relieving qualities of yoga.

2. It's Not a Competitive Activity, and can be Practiced by Every Gender, Age, Shape and Size.

Yoga is a practice meant to be enjoyed, not performed. The only measure of a good yoga class is if you yourself enjoyed your practice. There are poses that can be practiced by people in all stages of life- from children to highly active adults. For those who aren't active, yoga can be a great gentle activity that can be used to either release stress or help the body recover and feel good. For those who are moderately active yoga can be a great supplement to relax the body and help with stability and flexibility. For those who are highly active yoga can help with injury tension and stress relief.

We here at FitNFlow created the FitNFlow app to make yoga an even deeper experience. At any level, age, or gender you can book a yoga instructor who will create a yoga class focused entirely around your needs. This way you're getting the exact class you're looking for!

3. Yoga is a Low Impact Activity that Can Be Done for the Rest of Your Life

Yoga helps loosen the joints and relax the muscles, while also strengthening both as well. This cannot be said about many physical activities. One can practice yoga for their entire lifespan and always be able to obtain an important benefit from yoga classes. We all go through stages where we crave intense activity or relaxing movement. Because yoga has many different styles- from intensely physical to relaxing and meditative, it fits into any stage of life. The FitNFlow app offers all styles of yoga so that you can take the class you need at any point in life.

4. Yoga is Empowering

By turning your focus inwards and focusing on self-growth yoga can empower the practitioner in a new and refreshing way. Yoga is a form of self-care. On the mat you are able to check in with yourself, and focus on how your body feels. This is something most forget about, but when practiced it can be empowering.

The FitNFlow app aims to bring the focus of yoga back to self empowerment. By giving you the tools to book the yoga class you need with the instructor you want at the time and place you want, we are striving to empower you to easily uplift your health.

5. You Can Connect More with your True Self

As you can probably tell now, many of the advantages of yoga have to do with self-care and self reflection. This is why our last reason why yoga is for everyone is because yoga is a great tool to connect more with your inner self. By taking the time on your mat to draw your self inwards, no matter what movement you are doing you are getting to know yourself and your needs on a deeper level. The FitNFlow app brings a yoga instructor to you so that you can keep your focus on self growth!