How FitNFlow will Change the World

Updated: May 9, 2019

Recently FitNFlow CEO did an interview with Thrive Global and Authority Magazine on "Big Ideas that Might Change the World". In these articles Chappell discusses how FitNFlow plans to change the world through opening the doors for more people to experience yoga. We wanted to expand on this concept, but before reading this post we highly suggest you read the original article in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global.

Empowering the Practitioner

We believe that self-care is health care, and strive to help empower each practitioner to practice self-care. FitNFlow will empower the practitioner to practice yoga the way they want. Video streaming services, while convenient and popular, can be dangerous on an individual body. Without someone there in person to guide the practitioner, a pose can be done in a way that will lead to injury. Besides this, general yoga classes don't dive deeper into all the benefits yoga can provide. Since each individual body is so different, there should be different yoga classes for each person. FitNFlow hopes to provide this with in-person instruction. Yoga instructors can give the practitioner a class that will fit with their needs so they can reap the full benefits of yoga.

Empowering the Instructor

FitNFlow strives to go back to the roots of yoga. We do this by empowering yoga instructors on FitNFlow to become their own yoga guru. FitNFlow wants our yoga instructors to spread the teachings that they love, and teach the things they want. We want our instructors to feel in control of their business and practice, because they have so much knowledge they can share.

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