10 Ways to Create the Perfect Yoga Home Space

Updated: May 16, 2019

Why create a space at home? We feel at FitNFlow that everyone should have their own happy place. By creating your own space for yoga classes and meditation sessions you can have your very own in-home happy place that allows you to focus more on your practice, and less on the outside noise. Here's how we recommend you create the perfect at-home space (read below)!

1. Find a Nice Space

Look through your home to find those hidden nooks. You'd be surprised how much can be made from so little! Don't worry if you don't have a spare room or open space, because yoga can be done anywhere- the FitNFlow app was created for this reason! Instead, find a space that makes you happy or is a place you're comfortable with, and grow the space from there.

2. Simple=Happy

First check to see if your space is cluttered, or if it's open. A cluttered space can be distracting, and can distract you from the relaxation you need during your yoga practice. If you have an open and clear space during your practice it's easy for the mind to be open and clear, too!

3. Fill the Room with Proper Lighting

Next, make sure your yoga space is well lit. Lighting greatly affects the mood of the space, so think about what mood you would like for your yoga space. If you'd like a bright and happy space we suggest bright lights or big open windows. If you'd like a calm or relaxing space we suggest dim lighting, with adjustable dimmers or shading over a window.

4. Add Things that Make You Happy

Since you are building your own happy space, add in elements that make you happy. Whether it's a nice fluffy rug, a family heirloom or a Himalayan salt lamp- this is your yoga space and should be customized for what makes you happy!

5. Use Calm and Happy Colors

This may be redundant, but many people forget to add in colors to their space that they like. I myself love the color lavender, and add it into my home yoga space to calm my spirit. My mother loves the color yellow, and adds it into her home yoga space to brighten her spirit. I suggest integrating your favorite color into your space to really give the feeling that it's your special space, where you can go to feel happy.

6. Use a Mat or Comfortable Rug

We suggest placing a yoga mat or rug in your space that will help cushion your joints during your practice. This will help provide extra support during certain poses if you need it. If you are practicing advanced poses that require balance and a firm surface, hardwood floors may be better suited for you. At the end of the day with FitNFlow you can use any surface that is most comfortable for your practice.

7. Fill the Space with Pleasant Smells

Yoga studios never smell the greatest- it can be dangerous for a studio to burn incense or diffuse essential oils, especially if someone has an allergic reaction. But since you're creating your own space and are aware of your own personal allergies and sensitivies, you can do whatever you want! Burn incense or sage, light a candle, or diffuse your favorite essential oil to elevate your space! This can create a greater atmosphere and can add to the relaxing experience.

8. Use Your Favorite Tools

We plan to create an entire blog post on important tools for your practice and how to use them, but we will give a quick summary here. If you need to elevate the floor level for more flexibility or stability, using blocks and/or a bolster can be helpful with this. If you'd like to increase flexibility, a strap may be a great tool for you. If you would like cushion for your joints, a blanket may help with this. If a block is not enough support for you a chair may be a great tool for stability and flexibility support.

9. Make the Space a True Yoga Space

Just as you should have a separate space for work and a separate space for sleep, you should have a separate space for yoga. When doing yoga, you should be in a calm and relaxed head space. Your yoga space should be for relaxing, and nothing else. That way, when you practice in your yoga space you can find your inner peace.

10. The Possibilities are Endless

There is no right or wrong way to build your own home yoga space. Do what makes you happy, and nothing else!

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