How to Find your Flow!

Updated: May 17, 2019

At FitNFlow we talk a lot about finding your flow, but what does it mean to find your flow, and how does one find their flow? In this post we'll explain what it means to find your flow!

What Does Flow Mean?

Flow is when you accomplish your goals seamlessly, with little stress. It's when your daily activities flow with ease from one to another. Flow is a rhythm of life, the essence of success. Flow is a balance of giving to others and giving to yourself. Flow is a feeling of effortlessness and strength, similar to the flow you feel in a yoga class. We believe that when your life is in balance you can experience this flow and have productive and happier days.

How Does One Experience Flow?

Flow starts with a balance of giving to yourself and giving to others. When we give to much to others- whether it be work, family, friends, etc. and don't give enough to ourselves we can start to experience burn out. Mentally and physically burnout can be very dangerous and lead to chronic stress, depression and other serious ailments.

For more information on chronic stress read our page on the benefits of yoga HERE. When we give too much to ourselves and not enough to others we can lose important connections in our life and isolate ourselves from others. When one is able to find the balance of giving to themselves and to others their quality of life elevates and they are able to find their own inner happiness while maintaining important social connections and professional accomplishments. When this happens one will find their rhythm and master the ability to prioritize their day and accomplish important tasks in a sustainable way. With the feeling of flow people experience less frustrations and overall less stress with a greater perspective on life and what truly matters.

How Can I Experience Flow?

The first step is to evaluate your own balance in life. Do you give more to others and not enough to yourself? It can be tough to admit this at first- we all have been taught to feel guilty about taking time for ourselves to the point where we stop taking care of ourselves and start to break down. If this may be you, the first step is to be comfortable and okay with taking time for yourself.

This may sound crazy, but if you feel guilty about taking your "me time" it will only lead to you feeling more stressed during that time and can be counterproductive. Know that you need to take time to take care of your self so you can give your best self to others. Once you know you are comfortable with taking time for yourself next start to prioritize taking time to take care of yourself.

Find a time in your day that you can fully devote to yourself. Have trouble finding the time in your day or don't know what to do during your self-care time? We have the solution. With the FitNFlow app you can book a professional wellness instructor to come to you anytime, any place. With FitNFlow you can fit your self-care time into your busy day seamlessly. An instructor will come to you and create a wellness class (whether it's for yoga, meditation, nutrition or health development) centered on your wellness needs so you can have an effective class without having the stress of figuring it out yourself. Additionally, the instructor will help motivate and support you through your health journey so you can begin to find your flow. Download the FitNFlow app so you can begin to find your flow!

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