How to Grow your Yoga Community

Updated: May 16, 2019

Yoga has been a great way for communities to gather for centuries. The FitNFlow app is focused on bringing yoga back to where the community wants it. If you are a passionate yogi who wants to learn more about how to spread your passion for yoga and grow your yoga community, continue reading on!

If you love yoga, you probably want to show others how amazing a yoga class can be. You probably want to find a group of fellow yogis you can connect with and uplift through the practice of yoga. If you live in an area where yoga may be sparse, or hard to connect, how can you grow your yoga community? FitNFlow knows that it is important to connect with others, so we have created a platform with many opportunities to do so!

Introductory Yoga Classes

FitNFlow instructors offer introductory yoga classes only $25. When you join the class, not only can you enjoy a yoga class in beautiful spaces in your community, but you can connect with a yoga instructor who has a passion for teaching yoga! Want to share this experience? You can invite your friends to a FitNFlow yoga class so new people can experience the joy of yoga in a comfortable setting. They can do a class with the people they feel comfortable with, and in a setting less intimidating than a yoga studio.

Yoga Gatherings

On FitNFlow, when you book a class you can invite your friends and acquaintances and split the cost! This way you can continue to interact with your yoga connections while customizing the yoga class to the class type you're looking for. Plus, shared yoga classes can be cheaper than practicing at a yoga studio, and can be booked for any location! That way you can take a yoga class in a place you and your friends love such as the beach, a beautiful park or local community center! This helps create a comfortable setting so friends of all ages can feel at home in their yoga experience and bond over the joy of yoga that is convenient and near them.

Stay in Touch

You don't have to be the one always reaching out, but keep in touch with your friends from the class! Who knows, maybe the next class you take a new friend will organize!