How to Support Orange County Yoga Instructors

Updated: May 17, 2019

When going into the usual yoga studio, most don't think about how their yoga instructor is living. Reality is, the life of a yoga instructor is incredibly challenging.

Many instructors aren't offered full time work from the studio they teach at (if they can find the right studio for them in the first place) and usually must work at 3+ yoga studios to get even close to full time work. Because of this, many yoga instructors will accept jobs with much lower pay than they deserve so they can work full time on their passion. So, how can you support yoga teachers of Orange County?

The FitNFlow App

On the FitNFlow app you can view yoga instructors in your area, and book them for the time and place you want. Yoga instructors on the FitNFlow app want to connect more with their students, and joined the FitNFlow app to elevate their teaching. You can support yoga instructors by booking them on the app- and can even invite your friends to create a yoga group. Yoga instructors are excited to help you on your journey, and create customized yoga classes optimized to your needs, so you can get the personalized instruction you need while empowering yoga instructors in Orange County.