Mindfulness in the Workplace

Updated: May 9, 2019

Recently, FitNFlow CEO Madison Chappell did an interview with Thrive Global and Authority Magazine on mindfulness in the workplace. We wanted to elaborate on some important points discussed in the article. But, before reading, check out the article posted in Thrive Global and Authority magazine! Now let's continue to discuss this important topic...

Thinking Beyond the Individual

Mindfulness is important in the workplace for multiple reasons, but a big and essential component of mindfulness is the ability to be present in the moment. This presence allows one to think outside of themselves and their own thoughts, and pay attention to others. Being open with your team and how each individual feels in the present moment is incredibly essential to running a high functioning team. Mistakes happen, pressure hits, and if a team member begins to feel down it can damper the rest of the team. Instead of trying to hide these feelings, in a mindful workplace an open dialogue is cultivated that empowers each employee to be open so that important challenges can be solved. Each team member feels more supported and valued in this type of environment.

Studies on the Benefits of Mindfulness

Chappell mentions a few different studies on the benefits of mindfulness in the article. A study done by Donald and Atkins in 2016 showed that mindfulness produced less avoidance characteristics. Sometimes, when someone is procrastinating, it is a symptom of feeling overwhelmed. They feel overwhelmed with the amount of work they have ahead of them, so they procrastinate even starting. Mindfulness is a great solution to stopping this type of thinking. This is because procrastination is a fixation on the future, whereas mindfulness is a focus on the present. Focusing on the present moment, and what one can do now, not only eliminates the stress of the future but is a more productive approach. The Little Book of Mindfulness also talks about how mindful practices produce higher awareness, increased attention, increased sense of clarity and the experience of feeling connected. All of these qualities are also essential in a workplace, especially a high stress and high performance environment.

How FitNFlow can Help

Yoga and mindfulness are intertwined. FitNFlow has many instructors who specialize in mindfulness, and can help elevate each individual workplace. FitNFlow instructors can do group classes or one on one classes, and are willing to come to an office or workplace setting to teach. We know health and self care are extremely valuable for the workplace, but that the busy individual can struggle to find the time to practice self care and mindfulness. This is why FitNFlow instructors come to you at the time and place you want, so you can have the practice you need and deserve.

FitNFlow is so grateful to have the chance to talk about mindfulness in the workplace, and would like to give a huge shoutout to Jacob Rupp for interviewing Madison Chappell. Here is Rupp's info for those who would like to learn more about his work!

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