Starting a Yoga Group with Your Friends

Updated: May 17, 2019

Do you have a group of friends, family, coworkers or connections who could use a little extra bonding time? Yoga is a great way to connect with family and friends, while doing a practice centered around health and wellness. With the FitNFlow app you can create a customized yoga class by choosing the instructor you'd like to guide you, pick a date, time and location, and choose to invite the amount of people you'd like. We feel your yoga class can get elevated

With the FitNFlow app creating a group yoga class is simple- but the question still remains: why should you create your own yoga gathering?

Bonding through Health

Taking a yoga class with friends is a great way to bond over health and wellness. Yoga never takes itself too seriously; there is no such thing as competition in yoga, and the purpose of yoga is connecting more with yourself. To experience a deep connection alongside those you care about is something really special.

A Healthy Pastime Everyone Can Enjoy

Yoga is for those in all levels and all stages in life. Creating a group class means you can choose the level for your class that is right for everyone- and the yoga instructor can always offer different poses for different levels in the class to keep the class great for everyone. With the FitNFlow app you can customize your yoga class like never before. Yoga instructors on FitNFlow are there to create your perfect class for the group, and will listen to what you're looking for in your class to make sure everyone can have a happy time. With the smaller and personalized yoga group instructors are able to listen more and be present with you and your class.

In Conclusion

If you have a group of people who you feel will benefit from a yoga class, don't be afraid to reach out! Taking a class with you may be the stepping stone they need to start putting their health first, or it may be a great way to bond while practicing something fun. With the FitNFlow app you can easily create a yoga class at any time and place, receive a professional instructor for your class, and invite your friends directly through the app.