Why Private Yoga Classes? In-Depth Explanation on the Benefits of Private Yoga

Updated: May 17, 2019

Many people hear the words 'private yoga classes' and assume it's not for them. They don't consider it much different than a traditional yoga class and assume they can't afford it. This is not the case- private yoga classes are vastly different from traditional yoga classes and have many benefits. On top of this, you can get a private yoga class for as low as $25 on the FitNFlow app. Invite your friends, split the cost, and you can have a small private yoga class for only $5, $3 and so on. Now are you listening?

So let's talk about all the reasons why private yoga may be something to consider...

Table of Contents:

  • Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

  • Why Private Yoga May Be Right For You

  • Why You Need Professional Guidance

  • What A Private Yoga Class is Like

Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

Many people take regular yoga classes at a studio and don't seem to realize that yoga can do more for them when it is applied to their specific needs. General yoga classes are great for overall health, but if you want to dive even deeper into an aspect of your health, personal yoga classes are a great way to do so. Do you struggle with back pain or knee pain? Are you recovering from a stressful event? Is there a specific desire you have for your yoga class? There are so many things you can dive deeper into with a customized private yoga class.

Let's dive deeper into specific benefits of private yoga classes:

More Awareness

One of the greatest and most obvious perks of private yoga classes is the focus of the class centered on you rather than a group. Because of this private yoga classes are structured around the style you want, the level you are and the pace you can go at. Private yoga instructors give you personalized adjustments and modifications for each pose for a safe and effective class. If you have any injuries or

areas of discomfort, private yoga instructors create a class sequence that avoids those spots. Overall, private yoga allows for a class to be focused on you, so you can practice body awareness and get the greatest class for your individual needs.

Personal Goals

Private yoga allows for a personal class so you can reach your goals in a faster and more effective way. Since classes are focused on your needs, you can reach your individual goals quickly and seamlessly.


Private yoga classes are flexible by nature. Instead of having to fit your busy schedule around a certain yoga studio class time, with private yoga instruction classes fit into your schedule and are usually at the time that works best for you. This is especially true with the FitNFlow app, where you can book your own personal yoga instructor to come to you at any time

and place, for professional guidance in the comfort and convenience of your home, office or nearby park.

In-Depth Classes

In group yoga classes the instructor may glaze over important information, or not have enough time to explain a particular pose. This can be frustrating if you have any confusion over certain poses or parts of the class. With private yoga your instructor is able to go further in depth on poses, sequences, and questions you may

have so you can walk away from your class feeling clarity rather than confusion.

Why Private Yoga May Be Right For You

Private yoga may be the right solution for your yoga needs. From beginners in need of introductory in-depth classes to advanced yogis who wants in-depth guidance on advanced poses, there are many reasons why one should try private yoga classes.

Private Classes for Beginners

If you are a yoga beginner looking to get into yoga, but feel intimidated jumping into yoga studio classes, or have tried studio classes and felt confused or lost during the class, private yoga sessions are perfect for you. Your instructor can guide you at a pace you are comfortable with, and explain each pose in depth so you feel no confusion. They can also ensure you are doing each pose correctly to avoid any injury. Want private yoga classes in a comfortable setting? Try the FitNFlow app. With FitNFlow you can book a yoga instructor to come to you at the location of your choosing so you can truly practice yoga in your comfort zone.

Private Classes for the Advanced

Want to nail the inversion you're working on, but just can't get it right? Looking to perfect your handstand but not quite sure what you're doing wrong? In comes private yoga instruction with advanced instructors who can help you nail the little bits and pieces you may be struggling with. Many advanced yogis simply use private yoga instruction as a means of getting specific guidance on poses they want to improve upon with in-depth and highly advanced instruction.

Busy Individuals

For those always on the go, whether you are a busy parent, professional or student, it feels like a waste of time to spend all this time driving into a yoga studio for a generic yoga class that you may or may not feel pleased with. With private yoga guidance you can get a class focused on your needs, and on your terms at the time and place you want. Private classes fit into your busy schedule for no interruptions, with an optimized class centered on you so you can reap the benefits of personalized yoga. Want an even more convenient yoga class? Try the FitNFlow app. Yoga instructors come to you at the time and place you want for a personalized yoga class in your own home, nearby park or office space. It's the guidance you need at the time and place you want.

Why You Need Professional Guidance

Professional guidance is the key to a successful yoga practice. With all the videos, live-streaming and YouTubers out there it's easy to undermine the value of professional guidance. We want to warn against this, and here's why:

1. Injury Avoidance

Professional guidance is essential for avoiding injuries. It is important to have an instructor in real-time with you during your practice to ensure you are practicing in correct form and are doing the best version/modification of a pose for your specific body and needs.

2. Motivation

An unexpected perk of a private yoga instructor is the motivation of having a professional in the room. Instead of watching a video on a phone that you can easily turn off, deciding last minute not to go into that yoga class you were planning on attending, or trying with a friend who ends up cancelling on you, a private yoga instructor always shows up and ensures a full and complete yoga practice. They are someone you can rely on to be there and ensure you always have a great and full yoga practice.

3. Support

Similar to the one above, a private yoga instructor is there to support and uplift you during your practice. Any health journey can be hard, with a lot of ups and downs. Each time you come onto the mat you will find yourself in a different state of mind, a different day with different ups and downs.

You need someone who is there to support you and help you regain a relaxing state of mind and find your center time and time again through all of life's ups and downs.

5. Creativity

It can be hard time and time again to find creative yoga classes that also fit your needs. Personal yoga instructors are trained specifically to come up with unique and innovative classes that are focused and centered on your needs.

With the FitNFlow app you can book a yoga instructor to come to you for a personal yoga class. Connect more with your instructor as they create a private yoga class centered around your health needs.

What A Private Yoga Class is Like

While there are many forms of private yoga instruction, the one we know best are private yoga classes with the FitNFlow app. Here's how private yoga on FitNFlow works:

Download the App and Create Your Class

On FitNFlow you create a class by selecting the style you want, the level, and the time and place that works for you. Confirm your class details and receive a private instructor for as low as $25.

Personal Yoga Instructors are Hand-Selected for Each Individual

In-house experts hand select each instructor for each class to ensure you are matched with the right instructor every single time.

Your Instructor Messages You Before Your Class

Instructors may message you with more questions such as your yoga experience, if you have any injuries, etc. so they can plan out a class.

Your Instructor Comes to You

Sit back, relax as your yoga instructor comes to you! They do the work of putting together a class so you don't have to worry. Instead, all you need to worry about is ensuring you are comfortable in your yoga space. For tips on setting up your yoga space, read our blog post here. When your instructor arrives they may ask last minute questions to ensure the class is for you, and then they'll begin the class. They may bring music, props and support, or they may go along with the items you have/ prefer for your class.

During Your Class, and After

Instructors will continue to get to know you throughout the class and adjust the class to your body and needs as well as your pace. After the class, if you enjoy your instructor, it's important to continue with an instructor who knows you and your pace for the most effective continued practice.

Private yoga is easier than ever on the FitNFlow app, with hand-picked instructors who will fit your needs. You can book any class for the time and place that works for you! FitNFlow gives you an entire yoga experience based on your needs so you can reach your full potential with your yoga class.