Why You Should Practice Yoga With Your Family

Updated: May 17, 2019

Most yoga classes stick with one age group, but with the FitNFlow app you can customize your own yoga class. This means that with the FitNFlow app you can take a yoga class with family and friends of all ages.

Here's why we feel you should practice yoga with your family!

Table of Contents:

  • Why Yoga is Great for Families

  • How to Practice Yoga for Families

Part 1: Why You Should Practice Yoga With Your Family

Yoga Benefits Apply to Everyone

We have a whole section of our website dedicated to the benefits of yoga- there are so many. The thing is, yoga benefits like relaxation, chronic stress reduction, greater energy, better sleep, stronger bones, greater balance, and many many more apply to everyone of all ages and genders! Yoga is truly a practice that can benefit the whole family, so it's no wonder there are so many people trying classes. With family yoga everyone can gain health benefits.

Promoting Healthy Habits

It's hard to find activities to do as a family- let alone healthy ones. Yoga is an activity that is not only fun but healthy. By doing yoga with the whole family you can promote health habits your family can grow to develop and do alongside one another.

Bonding Together

Yoga connects you with yourself, but can also be a great way to bond with family members over a great past time activity!

Taking a Yoga Class with Loved Ones Elevates the Experience

It's great to practice yoga with the people you love. You can connect with one another and build a meaningful experience. With FitNFlow you can practice yoga at the time and place that suits you, surrounded by your loved ones. We are creating the dream yoga experience, so give it a try!

Part 2: How to Practice Yoga With Your Family

Convenient Yoga

Yoga is about connecting with yourself and with others. You want to do a yoga class with your family, but it can be a lot to find the right studio, gather everyone and schedule the time to travel. With the FitNFlow app yoga instructors come to you. That means no more worries about travel, coming early, or gathering everyone together. It's yoga instruction at the time and place you want, so it works for everyone.

Practice the Yoga Style that Works for Everyone

We recommend choosing a yoga style that works for the whole group. For example, yoga for beginners or a restorative class would be gentle, low-impact classes that can work for everyone. With the FitNFlow app you can choose what style of yoga you would like, so you can get an experience that works for everyone. We will match you with instructors who teach your desired style.