Why Personalized Yoga is Better

Updated: May 17, 2019

What is personalized yoga, and why is it so much better? In this blog we will explain why you must try personalized yoga.

What is Personalized Yoga?

No videos. No generalized yoga classes. Personalized yoga is yoga that is centered around you and your individual needs. Every body is so different, so it is important to receive the right yoga guidance. The best form of this is through private yoga. In a private yoga class, you can be face-to-face with an expert yoga instructor. This instructor is able to speak with you and create the exact class you need, so you can receive the most beneficial yoga class for you. You may initially think that the cost of a private yoga class is too high- but there are many affordable options. For example, with the FitNFlow app you can get an introductory private yoga class as low as $10, and regular private classes as low as $25. Invite your friends to a class for a shared experience and you can split the cost of a class.

Why is Personalized Yoga Better?

Better Guidance

Personalized yoga gives you the guidance you need. Have you ever seen someone do a yoga pose and think "What is that? What is that supposed to do?" Well, with personalized yoga you are able to receive better guidance on each pose. Because an expert instructor is there to guide you

through each position you can have that "aha!' moment when trying a new pose.

Focused on Your Needs

Personalized yoga means an instructor is focused on you and your needs. If you have specific ailments, injuries, body needs, spiritual needs or guidance you are looking for, this is the thing for you. If you are new to yoga or don't know what your needs are, this may also be the thing for you! A yoga instructor will be able to better assess your needs and guide you in the right direction so that you can find the best style for you, as well as learn more about yoga in a personal setting.

Your Health at the Center

With personalized yoga your health is at the center. You are no longer worried about any injuries in an over-generalized class. Instructors create a class centered around your health, so you are truly getting the greatest class for you. All the benefits of yoga can reach their full potential with personalized yoga classes.

How to Get Started

We created the FitNFlow app so that you can have a better option for receiving personalized yoga instruction. Download the FitNFlow app on any iOS device, and book a yoga instructor to come to you at any time and place for a personalized yoga session. It's comfortable, convenient and affordable.