2 Ways to Try Yoga Classes In Your Home

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Yoga can be intimidating in a studio, but what about in your own home? Following along to videos can feel silly, so this is how we suggest taking yoga classes in your comfort zone.

1. Private Lessons

If you want to learn yoga in a comfortable environment and feel unfocused when other people are in a class then I would recommend trying private lessons. Private yoga lessons are a wonderful way to grow your practice as well as your mental clarity. During a private lesson the entire lesson is focused on your needs. Unlike a generic yoga video that gives no background into the poses you want to learn, private lesson instructors truly create their class around you. I personally love private classes because I am able to practice self care and afterwords feel like I have grown into a healthier person both mentally and physically.

2. Yoga Party

If you enjoy social classes more than private lessons then hosting your own yoga party and/ or yoga classes is the way for you. Instead of driving log distances for a studio class and purchasing pricey monthly fees, with yoga parties you can have a class in the comfort of your own home and invite only the people you want to take a class with.

The Solution

At FitNFlow we created a platform where you can create in home yoga private lessons and/or in home yoga classes. Invite your friends and split the cost of a class, or do a private lesson in your comfort zone. We're aiming to give you a platform to make the yoga class you're dreaming of.

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