Complete Guide to an In-Home Yoga Practice

Updated: May 17, 2019

Yoga in Your Home?

The FitNFlow app is focused on bringing yoga to you, and we talk a lot about the ability to book an instructor to come to your home. But why should you practice yoga in your home? What does it mean to do a home yoga class? In this guide we will go over the benefits of yoga, why it may work well for you, and how to do an in-home yoga practice.

Table of Contents:

  • Less Stress: Why in-home yoga can be less stressful.

  • Busy Lifestyles: Benefits of in-home yoga for those with busy lives.

  • Free Choice: Why in-home yoga has more freedom for you.

  • Comfortable Space: In-home yoga is in your comfort zone.

  • On Your Terms: Your pace, your skill, your style.

  • Empowering: How in-home yoga can feel more empowering.

  • Other Benefits: Other benefits of in-home yoga.

  • Ways to Practice Yoga In-Home

Part 1: Why In-Home Yoga May Be Right For You.

Less Stress

In-home yoga can be less stressful than going into a yoga studio. At first this may sound crazy- yoga is relaxing, how can any yoga experience be stressful? While the stress of a yoga studio class is debatable, it's the traveling time to and from a yoga studio that can be the most stressful.

For those who have done multiple yoga class at a yoga studio, you can probably relate to this story: You have an overwhelming day and need some grounding time on the yoga mat. You check your yoga studio (that you pay $100 a month for classes) and see that they have an open spot for a class that fits your schedule. So, you set aside a chunk of your day and plan to go to that class.

30 minutes before your class you decide to leave so you can get there early and get the spot you want. You get on the road and bam traffic hits. Maybe you get a call from your friends and realize you forgot you promised to go to dinner with them. Maybe you get a call from your child and realize you have to take them to their sports practice, or pick them up from an after school care. Whatever it may be, life happens, and suddenly you realize you are going to be late for your yoga class. Stress hits, you start to rush to make it into the studio. You can feel your heart beat raise, anxious about getting there late, not finding the right spot, and feeling like a disruption. You quickly park your car, dash into the studio, only to have the person working at the front desk of the studio tell you that you cannot go into the class- that it's too late. You feel defeated- your chance for some self-care, and the grounding practice you need, is now gone.

Now imagine this: You have an overwhelming day and need some grounding time on the yoga mat. You don't need to check any schedules, you don't need to move any events around. You can breathe easy on your way home from work. Even if there's traffic, or unexpected interruptions, you don't need to feel the stress of making it into a yoga classroom. You simply have to go home,

to the place where you feel most comfortable, to experience your grounding time. You make it home, and have extra time to get settled and relax. Maybe you light a candle, roll out your mat, and change into clothes you feel comfortable in (not just necessarily what you have to wear for a yoga class). You have 30 minutes of extra preparation time for your class. Five minutes before you begin a yoga instructor knocks on your door. It's your favorite yoga instructor, the one you always choose to guide your class. They know your pace, what you're looking for, and what classes you like. You tell them "I want a very grounding practice today" and they smile kindly and say "great! I know just the thing to do." You have the perfect setting, and your favorite music plays. Your instructor gives you exactly the class you need, and after the class there's no driving, no disruption. You simply can remain in the comfort of your home, and let the relaxation continue into the rest of the evening. Your instructor talks with you about a time for the next class that works with your schedule, and they fit into your life, not the other way around.

Which sounds more relaxing? With in-home yoga there is no set schedule, no stress of making it to a studio, no getting turned away for being 10 minutes late, and no disappointments. For those who are new to yoga and want to maintain expert guidance while continuing their home practice, try the FitNFlow app. With the FitNFlow app you can connect with your own personal yoga instructor for a class at any time and place. Professional guidance in your comfort zone, and at a fraction of traditional prices.

Fitting Health into Your Busy Life

If you have a busy life- whether you're a busy parent, professional or student, it can be hard to find your flow. What does this mean? At FitNFlow we define "flow" as a way of moving seamlessly through your day. Imagine moving from one activity to another with ease, and having a day that flows with no interruptions. This is definitely the dream. Adding yoga and health and wellness practices into the mix can make finding your flow feel next to impossible. You already have a million things on your plate, and somehow have to fit everything together into one day. Why make it harder than it already is? With in-home yoga you don't have to worry about the logistics of making it into a yoga studio, and fitting all the travel time into your already busy schedule. This way you can fit your much needed yoga and self-care time seamlessly into your busy day with no interruptions.

If you go to a yoga studio class, you have to find the scheduled time of a yoga class you want to take at a studio, and then fit your entire busy schedule around that class time. This is a lot of work, and extremely hard to do. With in-home yoga you can fit yoga into your busy schedule, so you don't need to move anything around, and you don't need to worry about making it work.

In-home yoga fits seamlessly into your life so you can truly succeed at making it all work.

In-home yoga is also the biggest "bang for your buck". We say this because yoga studio classes are built for a group, whereas in-home classes are focused on you. All the adjustments, poses, and time in the class is focused and centered on your needs. This is especially true with the FitNFlow app- tap the app and get your own personal yoga instructor. This in-person instructor looks at your needs and desired class, and uses their professional knowledge to create the best and most effective class optimized for you.

Free Choice

Here is a story most people can relate to: You have decided you want to try yoga, so you look up "yoga studio near me" and spend a lot of time researching different studios, pricing, and classes. You view different class times, teachers, levels, and it all begins to sound like gibberish. "What does vinyasa mean?" "Is this level right for me?" "What will this yoga class be like?" "Will this teacher be the right one for me?" All of these questions start running through your head, and you start to feel unsure of what your yoga class will be like. You may even choose a class, go in and feel unhappy with the level of the class, the poses chosen, or the teaching style offered. There goes one hour of self-care time out the door!

Now imagine this: You can choose what style, level and type of teacher you want for your class. No more guess work, no more disappointing classes- it's everything you want, the way you want it. Don't know where to start, how to choose a style, or how to get started? All of these things are made much simpler with the FitNFlow app. You can go onto the app, choose the style you want (or simply select 'yoga for beginners' for a beginning class), select the date and time and get hand-matched with an instructor who fits your needs, level, and class desires. We take the guesswork out of finding the right yoga experience.

Comfortable Setting

With in-home yoga you can create your own space that is comfortable and pleasing to you. This is the fun part, because you can really use your imagination to create a space that makes you comfortable, happy, and relaxed. We have another blog post on creating your own home yoga space here, but we will summarize the main points of that post.

Create your own in-home yoga place through these three steps:

1: Find a space that works. It shouldn't be a space that makes you feel anxious- and it should have at least a section that is 6 feet in length, 3 feet in width. Surprisingly this is a very small space and can be almost anywhere- by your bedside, for example. Once you find a space that you feel is perfect for in-home yoga, move on to the next step.

2: Customize your space. Add your mat

(if you have one, no worries if not), pillows and blankets you like for support during your practice, candles or incense for your favorite aromas, and music that brings you happiness.

3: Get started, and experience the joy of your very own yoga space. For tranquility, calm and a grounding practice.

With in-home yoga there's no worries of overcrowded classes with other people bumping into your mat. There's no worries of random strangers, judgement, or uncomfortable encounters. This is truly your space for your practice.

Yoga on Your Terms

In-home yoga means you can practice yoga at your pace, your skill and your style. There are no 'mixed classes' of people at various styles and needs, where a yoga teacher is creating a generalized class not optimized for everyone's needs. Instead you can have a class optimized completely for you, and can completely immerse yourself into a truly customized class. You can play with your practice at your own pace, challenge yourself when you feel the need to and pull back when you want to. There is no set rhythm for the class, it's all up to you so you can get into a flow. You can immerse yourself in your yoga experience to truly find progress, and get to know yourself and your body in a meaningful way.

Feel intimidated doing it all on your own? You are not alone. That is why we created the FitNFlow app. With FitNFlow we do the work of matching you with a professional instructor who will guide a class customized on your needs. If you're a beginner, simply don't have the time to put together your own sequence, or want a yoga instructor there to help ensure injury avoidance, with FitNFlow you can input your desired yoga style (or choose 'yoga for beginners' for a beginning class), the date and time and we will hand-pick an instructor for your class that matches your needs. That way you can have yoga on your terms, at your pace, skill level and style without the stress of figuring it out alone.


In-home yoga is focused on you, so you can have an empowering session. There's no feeling of comparison or competition with other yoga students in a class, it's truly a class where you can center yourself on your own self-growth. If you're a beginner, there's no need to feel intimidated by a yoga class. In-home yoga is about a class in your comfort zone, so you can truly get the most out of your yoga class.

Other Benefits of In-Home Yoga:

  • Wear what you like: You don't need to worry about a yoga studio dress code. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable!

  • No comparisons: Yoga isn't about comparing yourself to others. But at a yoga studio it can be challenging not to compare yourself to others in the class. With in-home yoga you can truly focus on your own growth.

  • No feelings of intimidation: If you are a beginner, or simply someone who feels intimidated going into a crowded yoga class, in-home yoga may be the solution for you.

Part 2: How to Begin an In-Home Yoga Practice:

Video Yoga Classes Are Not Recommended

Unfortunately, we feel that while video classes are easy to obtain, they are not the best solution to practicing a great yoga class. Yoga videos are not personalized to your needs, and therefore will probably not give you the greatest class for what you need personally. They won't give you a class at your pace, with your style and level unless you do a lot of digging for the right video- which can waste a lot of time. Plus, surprisingly, when trying to view the video on a screen you can strain your neck- something that happens frequently to many people. Lastly, the biggest reason of all that we don't recommend yoga videos is that without professional guidance it is easy to do a pose incorrectly and injure yourself. This even happens to the most advanced yogis, and should not happen to someone trying to kick start their health journey. Injuries can set you back weeks, and is easily avoidable with professional guidance.

The Right Way to Practice: Personal Yoga Instruction

With personal yoga instruction you can ensure a safeguard from injuries while still maintaining a personalized yoga class. Instructors can asses your positions in real time and guide you in the right direction. They can also give you the proper pose corrections as well as variations that fit your skill level and style. Have extremely tight hamstrings? An instructor knows an adjustment for that. Have a past knee injury that still affects your movement today? An instructor can help adjust the class movements and poses so that you experience minimal discomfort and no pain.

We Have the Solution

With the FitNFlow app you can get matched with your own personal yoga instructor for a class centered around your needs. Book your yoga instructor for the time and place that works best for you, and get a personalized yoga class centered on your needs and desired style.